Spring into Pond Season!

It's that time of year again- spring is upond us! Here are some tips for getting your pond ready for spring.


First, remove all dead leaves.


Do a partial water change by siphoning some water and replacing it with new tap water. Be sure to condition the tap water with a water conditioner such as AquaSafe to remove chlorine and chloramines.


Start your filter system and waterfalls. Be sure to replace filter pads and use dechlorinated water to rinse biological material in the filter.


Add a biological pond starter to your pond such as Microbe Lift or Sludge Reducer.


Add marginal bog-type plants. Plant them in pots in aquatic soil and add a Lily Gro fertilizer tab to the pot. Plant on the shelf areas of your pond.

Pond PlantsPond PlantPond Plant
Some of our selection of marginal plants.


Pot your lilies using aquatic soil and topping off with pea size gravel. Be sure to use Lily Gro fertilizer tabs to ensure lots of beautiful blooms. A water lily can be the centerpiece of your pond. We carry hardy lilies in a variety of colors.


Provide your fish with some cover and hiding spots by adding floating tropical plants such as water hyacinths and water lettuce. It is best to have at least two thirds of the pond covered. Also add oxygenating plants such as Anacharis or Cabomba.


Now for the final step: add your fish! Check out our fantastically colored koi and comet goldfish, shubunkins and sarassas. Tadpoles also add fun to your pond, and the frogs will help eat insects in your garden.

Comet GoldfishMetalic KoiFantail Goldfish

Your pond is now ready for spring. Time to sit back with a glass of iced tea and enjoy!


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